John Hadley

Fifteen years ago, John Hadley and his wife Linda left Los Angles to settle on Camano Island. John designed their unique home on a bluff overlooking Port Susan Bay. Living in the Northwest’s clear air, amazing sunrises and sunsets, sounds of nature, lush landscapes and continual changes in the weather awakened his deep appreciation for the wonders of nature. He found himself wanting to express the emotional impact of his life in the Northwest. He chose to paint in abstraction to capture the motion and high impact colors of the ever changing environment. This allows him to punch up color, compose around form, and capture motion in ways that only abstraction can.

John chose architecture for his career and graduated from Dartmouth College and the USC School of Architecture. He's also a member of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). While he had drawn during his grammar and high school years in Europe, he opted to set aside that passion for a T square and pencils.